Our Story

About us

BICO began as the West Indies and British Guiana Ice Company Ltd in 1890 by Messrs. George Whitfield, at the corner of Victoria and Middle Street and was then described as “Manufacturers of pure ice” .

In 1949 under the management of Mr. Noel Peirce and chairmanship of Mr. Victor Goddard, the Barbados Ice Company Ltd. decided to expand into ice cream production, and a modern ice cream plant was installed in 1950, equipped with the most up-to-date machinery for the pasteurizing, homogenizing, freezing and packaging of ice cream.

The Launch

Began as the Barbados Ice Company Limited which manufactured pure ice.

The Expansion

Barbados Ice Company Ltd. expand into ice cream production, and modern ice cream plant was installed in 1950. 


The launch of HCS

A subcontractor for the Barbados Port Authority as known as Harbour Cold Store

The Name Change

Barbados Ice Company Changed its name to BICO


In recent times the entire range of ice cream products has been rationalized and packing redesigned whilst retaining the quality for which BICO is famous. There are over 23 flavours available ranging from 190ml to 5 Litre.  The company is no longer a manufacturer of ice. Since 1999 and 2000 the retail sales fleet was transferred to former employees who become self-employed operating a fleet of vehicles in addition to the wholesale delivery vehicles which supply to supermarkets, shops and hotels.In 2015, the company introduced its range of bake and serve frozen pastries catering to the local hospitality industry and individual customers. A year later in 2016 Bico added compostable, packaging made from plants called ECOPAK. This investment is geared at cleaning Barbados through compostable disposable packing – take away food containers, cups, cutlery and plates by using sustainable sourcing to compost waste.

The greater portion of BICO’s total revenue today comes from ice cream sales but the Cold Storage department produces higher margins from lower revenues. Cold Storage capacity is now 750,000 cubic feet ranging from chilled to deep frozen temperatures. BICO is a public Company listed on the Securities Exchange of Barbados with over 350 shareholder

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